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Landscape Painting in Oil


This course will cover the various fundamentals of composition, color, and value as the basis for painting successful landscapes.  Working from both reference and from life, it is the aim of the class to help each individual develop greater skills of observation, and greater competency in studio as well as plein air work. Instruction will include lecture and slide presentation, demonstrations, class critiques and lots of one on one time with students.

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September 22-24, 2017

Fundamentals of Landscape Painting

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 413 Maplewood Ave
  Wayne, PA 19087

Phone:  610 688-3553 


Web site:

Adult Education - Wayne Art Center

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boat study (10x12).jpg (314662 bytes)
"Boat Study"  10" X 12"
red Barn 11x14 web.jpg (332304 bytes)
"Red Barn"   11" X 14"

I just wanted to say thanks again for your incredible instruction. I've had workshops from over two dozen top award winning Plein Air painters over the past 15 years. None of them even came close to the level of information you were so generous to share in your class. It wasn't only the information it was the excellent manner in which you presented it to us. The sequence of your presentations were perfectly timed and supported by your demonstrations to show us how to relate the information in editing the scene from nature into a more beautiful painting. Making "Design" our priority over the actual subject matter we were looking at. That particular aspect of creating a painting is the hardest of all. It is much easier to just try and paint it "like it is", which may or may not be particularly pleasing or that interesting to the viewer's eye.

   You were very positive and patient with all your students at all different levels from beginners to advanced. Plus you made the class FUN, which I think is the best way to learn.

                                                                     James C




As a "workshop junkie" I can honestly state that John Poon's instruction is the best I've had in landscape painting. He makes the principles taught by Carlson and Payne come to life and adds valuable tips he's learned from his own rich experience in painting. He is a master at explaining composition and color. He is a dedicated teacher who gives his undivided attention to each student and the class as a whole. His workshops can be appreciated by students of all levels.

                                                                                                 Karen M.
                                                                                                Raleigh, N.C.



John is a wonderful teacher.  Probably the best Iíve ever studied with.

                                                                                             Shirley P.
                                                                                      Scottsdale, AZ



John, I just wanted you to know that your workshop is the best I have ever taken.  I have never experienced a workshop instructor like yourself try so hard to teach each student individually and understand each studentís strengths and weaknesses. I am actually thinking much more strategically before I dive in and paint. It is hard for me to look at anything and NOT see in terms of shapes, values, color temperatures, saturation and relative distance. I now feel more confident as the piece evolves having some analytical ďrulesĒ for problem solving.

                                                                                                 Nicole K.
                                                                                                Raleigh, N.C.



John Poon was one of the best instructors of oil painting that Iíve ever had.  Very organized, very concise, perceptive and astute.  He has approached age old concepts with the ability to explain them simply. Not always an easy task.  The studentsí improvement was noticeable. 

                                                                                                 Stephen K.





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